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Trac11221 Rugged Outdoor Wirepas Anchor

Trac11221 Rugged Outdoor Wirepas Anchor is high-end long-life industrial rugged outdoor anchor tag, that can be also used as mobile tag, based on nRF52832 chipset with full support of Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz network protocol. It is ideal as anchor due to its extremely long battery operating life. Trac11221 Rugged Outdoor Wirepas Anchor is perfectly suitable for all installations where protection from environmental factors and long operating life are critical parameters. Typical scenarios are logistics, outdoor installations, industrial plants, automotive.

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Trac11221 Rugged Outdoor Wirepas Anchor has a rugged IP67/NEMA6 enclosure, includes an accelerometer and is powered by a replaceable lithium thionyl chloride battery pack ER14505 1S2P with more than 5Ah capacity and extended operating temperature range.

General features

Software Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz v5.x
Operating modes Non-router mode (mobile tag): periodic transmission of identifier for positioning) :Router mode (anchor tag): mesh network node
Configuration and diagnostics: Wirepas Network Tool, Wirepas gateway APIs, MeshCube APIs
Mobile tag operating states default, motion, alarm (button, free-fall, man-down), sleep
Positioning interval 15 secs to 18 hours (configurable for each state)
Positioning state-timeout 15 secs to 18 hours (configurable for each state)
Beaconing: configurable (disable, iBeacon, Safety, Quuppa Emulation Mode)
Beaconing interval 100 msec to 1 hour (configurable for each state)
Beaconing power -40, -20 to 4 dBm with 4 dB steps (configurable for each state)


Version Wirepas Mesh 2.4GHz, Bluetooth Low Energy (advertising-only)
Frequency 2.402 to 2.480 GHz
Module Nordic SoC nRF52832 (MCU and transceiver)
Antenna printed circularly-polarized 3dBc directive antenna


Replaceable Yes

2x AA 3.6V Lithium Thionyl Chloride LiSoCl2 (5200 mAh typ. capacity at 25°C)

Expected life 0.8 to 5.2 years in Anchor Mode, 4 years (5 minutes interval) to 15 years (1 hour interval) in Mobile Tag Mode, 24/7 at ambient temperature
Operating temperature -40°C to +75°C
Sensors and interfaces
Sensors  3-axis linear accelerometer
Material polycarbonate
Color ligth grey (RAL 7035)
Size 64 x 58 x 35 mm (version w/o flanges), 94 x 58 x 35 mm (version w/ flanges)
Weight 94 gr (version w/o flanges), 108 gr (version w/ flanges)
Protection IP65/NEMA4
Certifications CE (EU)