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Trac10175 Industrial GPS ATEX LoRaWAN BLE Sensor

Trac10175 Industrial GPS ATEX LoRaWAN BLE Sensor Rugged, manageable, long lifetime beacon with Ble and LoRaWAN capabilities, designed for use in harsh and hazardous environments. A versatile tool for various tracking and asset monitoring applications that can be used in areas requiring compliance with ATEX/IECEx safety standards. This innovative industrial beacon can be configured through BLE and managed over the air using any LoRaWAN network, so supervision (e.g. battery level) and configuration can be centralized. The intrinsically safe design supports the stringent requirements of IECEx/ATEX zone 0, including both Gas and Dust risks. Support for the Ble® 5.0 standard makes the beacons compatible with all popular smartphones and tablets.

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  • Scalable Real-time Location Tracking (RTLS). Long battery life and centralized status monitoring of beacon battery and other parameters over LoRaWAN reduces OPEX.
  • Ideal manageable BLE anchor for indoor geolocation use cases for person or equipment tracking.Ideal for use in hazardous and explosive environments which require IECEx/ATEX Zone 0/ Zone 2 certification

Physical configuration

Size 112mm x 66mm x 33mm (L x l x h)
Weight 190g
Waterproof capability IP68, IK08
Operating temperatures -20°C to +65°C
Storage temperature 10°C to 30°C (recommended)
Time storage max 12 months
Humidity < 95% non-condensing

Estimated battery lifetime

Use Case Battery Life (Approx.)
BLE Advertisement Period
= 0,333 sec BLE TX power = 0 dBm LoRaWAN periodic
reporting = 60 mins
5 years (ATEX 0)
8 years (ATEX Zone 2/non-ATEX)

Data communication support

LoRaWAN® Modem Semtech SX1262 transceiverS X1262
Protocol LoRaWAN Class A
LoRaWAN® frequency bands(9) EU868MHz / US915MHz / AS923MHz / AU915 MHz
Configuration supported OTA or ABP
RF output power 14 dBm / 18 dBm (max)
LoRaWAN™ receiver sensitivity -130 dBm in SF 10
WI-FI sniffer sensitivity -86 dBm
Wi-Fi Frequency band 2412 – 2472MHz
BLE sensitivity -88 dBm
BLE RF output power 3 dBm max
BLE beacon range (approx.) 100m (without any obstacles)

Standards and certifications

LoRa Alliance EU868, US915, AS923, AU915, IN865
Radio regulatory certification : EC, FCC, IC, TELEC, IMDA

Power management

Primary battery 3x AA/3.6V ( Li-SOCl2) -Nominal capacity 8Ah