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Trac10215 UHF Windshield RFID Tag

Trac10215 RFID Windshield Tags, using destructible material to construct the tag itself we’ve made it virtually impossible to remove in one piece – increasing the security features of the tag and the potential applications in which the tag can be used. These features make this the perfect product for access control applications where security is a high priority or you want to eliminate the transfer of tags to other vehicles, i.e., loyalty programs at car washes, parking, etc.

Trac10215 UHF Windshield RFID Tag offers excellent read range and double-sided printing. Our Destructible RFID Tags offer security and theft deterrence. RFID tag features subsurface printing ensuring crisp details on even the most complex logos for maximum clarity. Four color processing is also available for limitless design and color options. This product utilizes passive RFID technology and provides a read range of up to 30+ feet.

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Material Polyester, UHF RFID inlay encapsulated between .002” thick destructible material
Serialization Bar code, Code 39, Optional include Code 128 and QR Code
Frequency 860-960 MHz, UHF RFID Tag
Color White
Size (Inches) 4.1875″ x 1.25″
Packaging Shipped in Roll Form
Standard Adhesive High performance adhesive
Printing optional  Logos or other designs. All copy, block type, logos, designs, and bar code are subsurface printed.





Product Material Affixing Method Standard Sizes  Read Range Frequency
Trac10215 UHF Windshield RFID Tag Destructible


Pressure sensitive adhesive 4.1875′ x125` 18-20 ft on glass UHF


Test Results

These tests were conducted for a limited period in strict laboratory conditions. To achieve maximum satisfaction, we highly recommend any customer considering use of this product test the labels in the environment in which they will be used.


Product Water Glass Cleaner Bathroom Cleaner Alcohol Acetone Sodium Hydroxide Nitric Acid Hydrochloric




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