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Trac10307 Indoor Air Quality BLE Sensor

Trac10307 Indoor Air Quality BLE Sensor   is designed to monitor indoor climate conditions. The device measures air quality based on the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and calculates IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) representing air quality in the room based on the Bosch patented algorithm. Volatile organic compounds are substances derived from many indoor products, including from paints, cleaning agents, solvents, alcohol or glue. Some volatile organic compounds are carcinogenic. In addition, the sensor measures the temperature and relative humidity of air, which, in combination with the VOC concentration, gives a full picture of the room conditions.

You can use a free mobile application to configure the device and read the data from its memory. If you add Gateway, you can build a remote monitoring system.

Air quality: 0-500 IAQ 0-50 – Good 51-100 – Average 101-150 – Little bad 151-200 – Bad 301-500 – Worse 500+ Very bad Temperature: -35 to +70°C, accuracy: up to 0.4°C in the -20°C to +70°C range and 0.5°C in the -35°C to -20°C range Humidity: 0 to 99% RH, accuracy up to 4% in the range of 0 to 80% Measurement period: 1 minute – 10 days (configurable by the user) The device stores 40,000 measurements in its memory, when the memory is full, the oldest measurements are overwritten Battery ensures up to 5 years of maintenance-free operation Add  Gateway and  Cloud to build a real time monitoring system.  The maximum distance between the sensor and the Gateway is 100 m in the open space and 20 – 30 m in the buildings Use a free mobile application to configure the logger, read the data from its memory, generate reports and set alert thresholds

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TEMPERATURE SENSOR Range: -35° to 70°C

Accuracy up to 0.4°C in the -20°C to +70°C range and 0.5°C in the -35°C to -20°C range

Resolution: 0.1°C

Drift: <0.1°C / year

Measurement interval: 1 minute to 10 days, configurable

Memory size: 40 000 measurements

HUMIDITY Range: 0 to 99% RH,

Accuracy: 4% in the range of 0 to 80% and 7% in the range of 81 to 99%

Hysteresis: +/- 1% RH

RADIO MODULE Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Radio frequency: 2,4 GHz

Power: 2,5 mW (4 dBm)

Range: up to 100 m (LOS)

Communication standard: Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth 4.0)

Transmission frequency: 1 s

BATTERY Battery: 3,6 V, size AA, capacity 2 700 mAh (replaceable)

Battery operating time: at least 5 years (measurement interval: 15 min)

DIMENSIONS 20 x 45 x 85 mm

Weight: 0,055 kg

Certificates CE , REACH, RoHS


·   Long battery life: Loggers have been designed to work for up to 5 years on battery. You can forget about changing the battery frequently or troublesome battery charging.

·   Lower costs: Choosing wireless sensors and a cloud platform reduces the installation and maintenance costs.

·   Wide range of sensors: sensors can measure various physical and chemical values. If you decide on one sensor today, you can expand your sensors fleet to another types anytime you want.

·   Integration: Standard communication protocols allow integration with any cloud platform or mobile application.

·   Easy set up: All you need to set up a logger is a smartphone with a free mobile application. The whole configuration takes no more than 15 minutes.