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Trac10288 Temperature BLE Sensor

Trac10288 Temperature BLE Sensor is a small IPx7 beacon/ tag for multi-purpose. One major usage is for location tracking and with different sensor options, it can also be used for sensor monitoring purposes. Trac10288 Temperature BLE Sensor supports Bluetooth® Low Energy( BLE) in Bluetooth 5. It works with  beacon gateway to locate the beacon location and to monitor the sensor status. The typical battery usage time is over 3 years in default settings.

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Absolute Maximum Rating

Supply Power CR2032 battery X1
Storage Temperature -40º to 85º Celsius

Recommendable Operation Condition

Operating Temperature -20º to 60º Celsius
Humidity Max 95%, Non condensing, relative humidity
VDD +3V by CR2032 battery
IPx7 30min.@1 Meter water

Average Current Consumption

Trac10288 Temperature BLE Sensor 3.1uA*, in default 30s transmit period@1Mbps..
  • Measured with Panasonic CR2032

Battery Life Simulation

Trac10288 Temperature BLE Sensor 6.6 yr*, in default 30s transmit period@1Mbps.
  • Calculated with one piece of CR2032 battery with 220mAH Considering the battery discharge characteristic, only 80% of capacity is used for calculation. This value is just for reference and may be varied with component tolerance and different environments.

** w/ power saving mode, the Trac10288 Temperature BLE SensorRG will stop advertising the G-value when the value is not changed for a certain time. When the value changes over the threshold, it will start to advertise again.

Accelerometer Characteristic

Acceleration range +-2G, +-4G(default), +-8G, +-16G
Resolution +-2G: 4mg

+-4G: 8mg

+-8G: 16mg

+-16G: 32mg

Offset Accuracy +-40mg

Hall Sensor Characteristic

Operation point Typ : 0.9mT( N or S)
Release point Typ : 0.5mT( N or S)
Hysteresis width Typ: 0.4mT( N or S)

Temperature Sensor Characteristic

Temperature accuracy  

The accuracy of the sensor chip used in Trac10288 Temperature BLE Sensor.

Response time Typ. : TBC
Long term Drift max.<0.03 oC/yr

BLE RF Specification

Transmit Power Default: 0 dBm; Max.: +4 dBm.
Frequency band 2.400 – 2.483 GHz
Antenna on board PCB antenna
Range >100M in open space