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Trac10250 Occupancy LoRaWAN Sensor

Trac10250 occupancy lorawan sensor is a Wireless Occupancy/Light/Temperature Sensor for ClassA type devices based on the LoRaWAN open protocol and is compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol.It combines occupancy ,temperature, tamper switch and light sensors that suitable for detecting human movement indoors, illuminance and temperature.

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Input Power 2 x 3.6V ER14505 AA lithium batteries (3.6V 2400mah/section)
Operating Voltage DC 3.1V~3.65V
Standby Current 110uA

Wakeup Current

9.78mA (Typical value)

Wakeup current range 0.8mA-20 mA

* When not transmitting /receiving LoRa data)

Low Battery Voltage Threshold 3.2V
Battery Measurement Accuracy ±0.1V


Wake-up Current 0.8mA – 8mA@3.3V
RF Receiving Current (max) 11mA/3.3V
RF Transmitting Current (max) 120mA/3.3V


Frequency Range 863MHz-928MHz 470MHz-510MHz



TX Power

US915 20dbm; AS923 16dbm; AU915 20dbm; CN470 19.15dbm;

EU868 16dbm; KR920 14dbm;

IN865    20dbm;


Rx Sensitivity

-136dBm (LoRa,Spreading Factor=12, Bit Rate=293bps )

-121dBm (FSK,Frequency deviation=5kHz, Bit Rate=1.2kbps)

Antenna Type Build-in antenna
Communication Range Up to 10km, the actual transmission distance depends on the environment.
Data Transfer Rate 0.3kbps~50kbps
Spread Technique LoRa/FSK

Available Frequency

EU863-870,US902-928,AU915-928,KR920-923,AS923-1,AS923-2, AS923-3,IN865-867,CN470-510

Configured before shipment

Sensing Range

Mounting Height 2 to 2.2 meters above ground level
Mounting Angle Tilt 15° downward
Sensing Angle Horizontal 110°, vertical 60°
Sensing Distance 2m to 12m
Object Moving Speed to Send Alarm ≥0.2 m/s
Temperature Measurement Accuracy ±2℃
Battery Measurement Accuracy ±0.1V
Light Sensor Measurement Range 2-1100 Lux
Light Sensor Measurement Accuracy ≦15%


Dimension 78mm*78.8mm*82.2mm
Weight 125.8g
Operating Humidity <90%RH
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Built-in Devices Light sensor, Temperature sensor

Features of Sensors

  • 2 pcs of ER14505 lithium batteries in parallel
  • Detection angle: Horizontal 110°, vertical 60°
  • Mechanical rotation angle is 40 °
  • Built-in light sensor, temperature sensor, occupancy sensor, tamper switch
  • Detection speed: ≥0.2 meters/second and triggering alarm
  • Temperature measurement range: -20 ℃ -55 ℃
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 2 ℃
  • Light sensor measurement range: 2-1100 Lux
  • Light sensor accuracy: ≦15%
  • Battery measurement accuracy : ± 1V
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Third-Party online wireless sensor monitoring and notification system to configure sensors, view data and set alerts via SMS text and email (optional)
  • Available third-party platform: Actility/ThingPark, TTN, MyDevices/Cayenne
  • Improved power management for longer battery life