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Trac10176 Rugged Outdoor GPS LoRaWAN BLE Asset Sensor

Trac10176 Rugged Outdoor GPS LoRaWAN BLE Asset Sensor is a highly versatile multimode tracker with a large battery and embedded sensors combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE and LoRaWANTM TDoA geolocation technologies, supporting accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation. This tracker is designed to resist harsh surroundings enabling you to perform seamless asset tracking, proximity detection and management in any industrial environment – whether it’s for heavy-duty assets, inventory or livestock, taking advantage of its extraordinary battery autonomy.

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  • Real-time tracking, status monitoring of heavy and light assets, vehicles, machines and equipment, outdoors or in indoor industrial facilities.
  • Activity monitoring based on motion for usage optimization, industrial control and asset management
  • Livestock tracking in large farms
  • Optimization of supply chain and production, delivery and inventory tracking
  • Geofencing applications: receiving zone alerts when leaving/entering specific areas
  • Antitheft applications, notification and location trigger when

Physical configuration

Size 145mm x 76 mm x 42 mm (L x l x h)
Weight 240g
Waterproof capability IP65
Operating temperatures -15°C to 65°C
Charging temperature 0°C to 45°C
Storage temperature 10°C to 30°C (recommended)
Time storage max 6 months
Humidity < 95% non-condensing

Estimated lifetime

Use Case Battery Life (Approx.)
1 GNSS position / hour (2) > 18 months
1 LPGPS position / hour (2) >5 years
1 WiFi position / hour 10 years
Standby > 10 year

Data communication support

LoRaWAN® Modem Semtech SX1262 transceiverS X1262
Protocol LoRaWAN Class A
LoRaWAN® frequency bands(9) EU868MHz / US915MHz / AS923MHz / AU915 MHz
Configuration supported OTA or ABP
RF output power 14 dBm / 18 dBm (max)
Min sensitivity of LoRaWAN™ receiver -130 dBm in SF 10
WI-FI sniffer sensitivity -86 dBm
Wi-Fi Frequency band 2412 – 2472MHz
BLE sensitivity -91 dBm
BLE RF output power 4 dBm max
GNSS band 1559 – 1610MHz

Standards and certifications

LoRa Alliance EU868, US915, AS923, AU915, IN865
Radio regulatory certification : EC, FCC, IC, TELEC, IMDA

Power management

Primary battery 19Ah (EU), 14 Ah (US) / 3.6V
Battery type Lithium-thionyl Chloride Type D

Position accuracy

GNSS(8) (GPS/Baidu/Glonass/ Galileo) Position Accuracy (50%-90%) 10 to 18 meters
Time To First Fix Cold start 30-50 seconds
Hot start <5seconds
Acquisition sensitivity -140 dBm
Low power GPS(2) Position Accuracy (50%-90%) 15 – 30 meters
Time To First Fix <10 seconds
Acquisition sensitivity -160 dBm
Wi-Fi(3) Indoor Position Accuracy 20 – 50 meters
Time to get a position 3 seconds
Sensitivity -86 dBm
BLE for positioning(3) Indoor Position Accuracy 5 – 15 m
Time to get a position 1 second
BLE for proximity Proximity Detection Accuracy <1m