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Trac10160 Wristband BLE Beacon

Personnel tracking ensures the safety of patient and employee . Long and stable advertising signal make it easy to track and locate your patients, employees and students. Emergency button to notify emergency situations, task completion, or other predefined events in time. Flexible features and functions enable Trac10160 Wristband BLE Beacon to join your solution easily . Support Apple iBeacon, Google Eddystone(UID, URL, TLM. 3-axis accelerometer sensor for motion detection can identify whether the user is moving . Raw sampling data of G-sensor can identify people falling or other dangerous motions . RFID can be integrated in the disposable tamper-proof strap . Smartphone app (iOS & Android, and provide SDK) easily configures all parameters

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General Features

Main Chip Nordic nRF52810
Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.2
Range Up to 130 meters (in the open area and no obstacles)
Dimension 40mm x 32mm x 10.3mm (Beacon) 260mm x 32mm (Beacon strap)
Weight 10g (With battery and without strap)
Material ABS+PC & TPE (Beacon) PVC (Beacon strap)
Waterproof IP67
Color White
Installation Wrist wear, Keychain, Hang, Neck chain
Button Mechanical button
LED Single red LED
Sensor 3-axis accelerometer sensor (optional)
RFID/NFC Integrated in the strap (need to be customized)
Operating temperature -20°C / + 60°C
Storage temperature 10°C / + 25°C
Humidity 0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)


Advertising format Apple iBeacon Google Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM)
Multi-advertising Support up to 6 active slots (Beacon can broadcasts different advertising packets separately)
Configuration Advertising format and data/ Beacon name Tx Power/ Advertising interval Connection password/ Trigger options/ Sensor parameters
Sensor sampling Broadcast or notify the 3-axis G-sensor data in real time (with 3-axis G-sensor)
Motion detection 3-axis G-sensor identify whether the Beacon is moving to change the advertising status and data
Power saving mode Motion detection stops Beacon broadcasting and make Beacon to sleep
SOS emergency (Button trigger) Two or three times to click the button to change the advertising status and data for emergency help
Firmware update Nordic DFU OTA/ J-link
Configuration APP iOS and Android are available Scanning the advertising data and connecting to configure all parameters Open APP SDK for customer to develop


Power supply Non-replaceable 220mAh lithium coin CR2032 battery
Average current 15.6uA (Default settings*, without 3-axis G-sensor) 24.8uA (Default settings*, with 3-axis G-sensor and motion detection is always active)
Lifetime 13 months (Default settings*, without 3-axis G-sensor) 9 months (Default settings*, with 3-axis G-sensor and motion detection is always active)