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Trac10159 Mini Asset BLE Beacon

Thin, Trac10159 Mini Asset BLE Beacon is a small form factor BLE tag. With breakthroughs in cost, dimensions and sustainability, this tag shall be the best choice for medical equipment tracking, shopping cart tracking or other asset tracking in various scenarios. Also, Trac10159 Mini Asset BLE Beacon has an extremely transmission distance of up to 400 meters based on BLE 5.0 coded PHY settings, thus providing the huge possibility to expand tracking range and reduce the deployment costs of receiver

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  • benefits 
Ultra-thin design Ultra compact design makes it possible to be attached in different shapes of assets.
Replaceable battery Universal replaceable coin cell battery design makes it easy to maintain and extend lifespan.
Versatile Installation Compatible with zip tie or double-sided tape, to adjust and expand different application scenarios.
Ultra-Long transmission range Up to 400 meters broadcasting distance in BLE 5.0 long range mode makes it easy to monitor/track the presence of assets in a wide range.
Wide temperature range Outstanding PC housing material to extend wider working temperature range in -20℃~60℃.


  •  Features 
Periodic or Movement-based Configure parameters to send updates based on set time intervals or when movement occurs.
Flexible tracking mode Adaptive tracking mode increases the update rate to provide details when device in move, while just maintain the heartbeat when stationary.
Trigger event counting Movement trigger event records make it visible to analyze the medical equipment usage frequency and optimize equipment utilization
Over-the-air update Easy to update firmware through DFU process.
Intelligent power management Sense and switch intelligently between advertising mode and sleep mode based on built-in accelerometer sensor.


Main Specifications
Dimensions 122.6mm x 72.9mm x 33.8mm
Built-in Sensor Accelerometer sensor
Advertising Interval 100ms – 12hours
Material ASA + PC
Advertisement Frame Apple – iBeacon Eddystone – URL, UID, TLM Customized – Tag info
Connectivity BLE 5.0
Battery Coin cell battery CR2032 220mAh | Replaceable
Battery Lifespan 1 year (Location tracking mode①) 4 years (Presence monitoring mode②)
Installation Styles Sticker | Zip tie
Color White
Certification FCC | CE | RoHS | REACH | Bluetooth
Transmission Range③ Up to 160m – 1M PHY (Legacy) Up to 400m – Coded PHY (Long range)