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Trac20133 Outdoor IP67 Industrial Grade LoRaWAN Gateway

The Trac20133 Outdoor IP67 Industrial Grade LoRaWAN Gateway is the ideal gateway to support your smart city, smart industry or any other smart project, combining simplicity of installation, unique superior coverage and operational excellence

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Technical Features
Sniffer for LBT (Listen Before Talk
Rx Sensitivity -141 dBm (SF12),
TX conducted Power configurable from 5dBm to 27dBm, LoRa® swivel antenna 3 dBi peak gain
Range 40°C +60°C,
Humidity 95%,
Size 265 x 165 x 100 mm,
Weight 1,4kg (mounting kit included),
Spectrum analysis compliant,
Capacitor for clean shut down of applications in case of power failure
Casing IP67 Alu (Back), Polycarbonate (Front), Inox (mounting kit),
Surge e protection of the RF LoRa link (option),
CPU ARM Cortex A9
8GB eMMC (6GB available for user)


Software Features
Same Software as Manufacturers iBTS and iStation same user experience, quicker integration
 Dynamic web interface (On-the fly modifications),
Programmable Gateway Toolchain, libraries and header files for compilation of homemade applications, or extra packages additions,
Including: – Operating System: KerOS with embedded GNU/Linux based on Yocto 2.4 and LTS kernel 4.14,
– Native Language Support: Python2, C/C++ and Shell,
– Included packages: SQlite (Database), Connman/Ofono, NTPd, lighttpd.


Value-added Services
Free access to Manufacturers Wiki for customers
Plug & Play installation (option)
Trac20131 indoor 3G 4G LoRaWAN Gateway  is part of the end-to-end LoRa® connectivity solution with Manufacturers Management Centre, remote monitoring and Operations Management suite (option)
Manufacturers SPN2 for Small Private Network, embedding a LoRa Network Server on the Gateway (option),
Maintenance Services (option),
Manufacturers Project Management:

a comprehensive service offering and a global network of specialist integrators to support your entire project.



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