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Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway

Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway  serves as a constant companion to assets throughout the supply chain,working with the Bluetooth low energy tags and sensors, collecting and uploading the Bluetooth data in real-time to your cloud. It converts vehicle activities into actionable insights for your solutions to boost your business and even revolutionizes supply chain management by ensuring sustained real-time visibility, based on Bluetooth, LTE-M & NB-loT communications, and GPS tracking, empowering stakeholders to make decisions in a more effective way, to enhance operational efficiency, and to deliver excellent customer experiences.

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Name Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway
Material PC 11-JV Radiation Resistance)
Color Black Grey ‘Optional)
Size 131.4 X 109.1 X 34 mm

(External Wires not included)

Weight • Full function product body (including battery and external wires) 318.6..
• Simplified product body (excluding battery and external wires) 270_6g
IP Rating IP67 housing
1K Rating 1k08 Shock-proof
Power Supply · 8V-52V DC Input External Power Supply.
•Built-in re chargeable battery (optional, backup)’
Sleep Current <1mA
Backup Battery • High temperature resistant rechargeable battery <300mAh(300mAH by Default)
• Conventional non high-temperature rechargeable battery 2000mAh-No battery I Simplified Version):
Flash 32MB(256)
LED 4pcs included
• LED 1, Blue, Switch Restart;
• LED 2. Yellow, Cellular.
• LED 3. White, GPS positioning:
•LED 4. Green, chain
Button 1pc internal button Included
• Turn -on.
• Restart
Accelerometer default built-in
Temperature Sensor Default built- in
• The device reports internal temperature and prevents the internal battery charging in extreme temperatures:
• Internal temperature provides an indication of ambient temperature but not always be precise.
Barometer Supported, optional
SIM Nano SIM / eSiM
External Wire Interface • Positive Power line (Red, Positive Pole): 8V—S2V:
• Digital Input Line (Orange): 8V- 52 V, detects whether the car engine is ignited ‘started;
• Negative Power Line ‘Black’
Working Environment Outdoor environment dedicated design Mostly for vehicles or trucks.etc.;
Operating Temperature • -20—70 C (Powered by an external battery);
Operating Temperature
• 0—45 C (During normal charging for built-in backup battery)
Stocking Temperature -10—40 C recommended
FOTA ·Bluetooth App OTA.
• MQTT remote OTA:
Configuration • Bluetooth App Configuration.
• MQTT Remote Configuration
Transmit Protocol MQTT Supported
Data Security SSL / TLS
SDK Supported (for data parsing in client server)


Power Supply Switching Prompt When the external power supply is disconnected normally, Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway  automatically switches to backup battery power supply. maintains operation, and reports a switching signal signal- Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway   keeps reporting the latest power supply status data for customer to detect power supply switching.
Tamper Alerts When the external power supply is abnormally cut off. Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway   reports an abnormal signal.
Real-time Tracking Under external power supply, Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway can continuously report by setting real-time mode to achieve real-time asset tracking during transportation.
Device Low Battery Reminder Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway   can automatically detect the built-in battery level. If the battery level is too low, it can report an abnormality.
Ignition Detection


1 x dedicated ignition digital input 8V—48V DC detection on / off for engine.
Surrounding Cellular Signal Strength Detection Support regular detection and reporting of cellular base station signals around the device.providing networking quality parameters to the client.
Surrounding Bluetooth Signal Detection If there is no Bluetooth signal nearby, Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway   only reports its own data, such as Temp. Acc.GPS, RSRP, etc.
Flexible Adjustment for Reporting Mode


The flexible adjustment for reporting mode adopts a combination of heartbeat reporting and sampling interval. combined with an smart trigger reporting mechanism. for saving energy and selectively monitors data changes in real-time.
Reconnection after Network Down


When it returns to a normal from a disconnected situation, Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway   automatically reconnects.
Edge Data Filtering


Data can be filtered based on surrounding Bluetooth sensor signal strength, Mac, another conditions to reduce invalid data uploading.
Third Party Cloud Services (Optional) Amazon AWS Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud. nRF Cloud (Pending)


Geo-fence can be realized based on the GPS coordinates and other data uploaded by Trac20124 Outdoor LTE BLE Gateway.



Protocol Version Bluetooth Low Energy
Frequency Band


2.4Ghz, 40 channels
(2400 2483_5MHzJ
Modulation GFSK
Communication Range


• 100M C 328ftl Or more for scanning
• 85M [27g.gftj or more for broadcasting
( Open environment testing for reference )
broadcast Interval Configurable. default by 2 Secs
Scanning Interval Configurable
Configuration Supported with App


• IO Bluetooth pockets I s for NB-IoT
• 60 Bluetooth pockets I s for LTE-M
Antenna Internal