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Trac10300 Rugged Pallet BLE Beacon

TRAC10300 RUGGED PALLET BLE BEACON with nRF52 series chip and supporting BLE 5.0 protocol is a low-consumption beacon for pallet and crate tracking; it is easily installed on the trailer or forklifts due to its special design. Besides, based on the indoor position- ing technology, the product can help industries including factory manufacturing and warehouse management to achieve digital and visual management on assets.

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Item Value Remarks
Material ABS Null
Color Black/Grey Null
Protection IP65、IK08 Null
Dimensions*W*H) 116.1*25.2*9.2mm Null
Net Weight 19g Battery included
Battery 1 pc CR series battery pack

(2 pcs units included)

440mAh capacity
Battery Lifetime 40 months By default
Chip Model nRF52 series Null
Bluetooth Standard BLE 5.0 Null
Bluetooth Protocol iBeacon &Eddystone Null
Conaguration App app Null
Sensors No Null
LED No Null
NFC No Null
OTA No Null
Operating Temperature -20~60℃    Null



Type Item Default Settings
iBeacon on UUID(16bytes) E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0
Major(2bytes) 0
Minor(2bytes) 0
Measured power -59dBm(0xC5)
Tx power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 2000ms
UID(off) Instance ID Random
Namespace ID Random
Measured power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 2000ms
Measured power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 2000ms
TLM(off) Electricity mV By default
PDU packets By default
Boot-time By default
Measured power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 4000ms
INFO(off) Device Name TRAC10300 Rugged pallaet beacon
Electricity By default
MAC Address Factory setting
Measured power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx power -8dBm
Interval(ms) 4000ms
Sensor ( Off ) Sensor Data No
Password 123 BQ default and configurable
Connectable Yes It is configuration mode