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Trac10296 Keychain BLE Beacon

The TRAC10296 KEYCHAIN BLE BEACON is a Keychain with Bluetooth® 5.0 tech and a programmable push-button inside for emergency, it’s a perfect choice for staff management, proximity information pushing and indoor positioning in public areas, including shops and
airports, etc.

TRAC10296 KEYCHAIN BLE BEACON stands out with its easy-operate push button, which can be defined to advertise different data by clicking, widely use on the panic/emergency/SOS application. The user can configure the TRAC10296 KEYCHAIN BLE BEACON via  App, and TRAC10296 KEYCHAIN BLE BEACON can also work with the  BLE WiFi gateway for data management on the system if needed.
Besides, the TRAC10296 KEYCHAIN BLE BEACON comes with a pretty gift package box, support package customization and logo printing.

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Item Value Remarks
Material PC+Aluminum alloy Null
Case Color white Other colors can be customized
Battery Model 1 x CR series battery 160mAh, 3.0V
Operation Temperature -20~60℃ Null
NFC No Null
LED Blue, Red Null
Transmission Circuit 5.3mA (Max.) Tested at 0dBm transmission power
Transmission Range 70 meters Maximum
Antenna 50ohm On board / PCB Antenna
Net Weight 7.0g With battery
Size Ø35 x 8 mm Null



Each TRAC10296 KEYCHAIN BLE BEACON Keychain has been pre-configured in the factory before the shipment. Here below is given the main parameters and default settings.


Type Item Default Settings



IBeacon (On)

UUID (16 bytes) E2C56DB5-DFFB-48D2-B060-D0F5A71096E0
Major (2 bytes) 0
Minor (2 bytes) 0
Measured Power -59dBm(0xC5)
Tx Power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 900ms


UID (On)

Instance ID Random
Namespace ID Random
Measured Power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx Power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 2000ms


URL (On)

Measured Power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx Power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 2000ms

TLM (On)

Electricity mV By default
Boot time By default
PDU packets By default
Measured power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx power 0dBm
Interval(ms) 4000ms



Electricity By default
MAC address Factory setting
Measured power -24dBm(0xE8)
Tx power -8dBm
Interval(ms) 4000ms


Extra Function

Password 123(configurable)
Connectable Yes(it is configuration mode)
Reset factory available
Update firmware available


  • Advertise iBeacon & Eddystone simultaneously
  • Bluetooth® 0 chipset nRF52 series
  • The 70 meters advertising distance
  • Weatherproof housing with key-chain hole
  • Push button for emergency using
  • Replaceable battery
  • Portable Fashionable