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Trac10243 Indoor C02 LoRaWAN Sensor

TRAC10243 INDOOR C02 LORAWAN SENSOR series is a wireless communication device that can detect CO2 in the environment and can be combined with a variety of sensors. And transmits the detected data to other devices through the wireless network for display, which adopts the SX1276 wireless communication module.

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Power Supply 2 ER14505 lithium batteries

(3.6 V, 2400 mAh/ section) in parallel


Battery Lifetime

The battery life of TRAC10243 INDOOR C02 LORAWAN SENSOR/TRAC10243 INDOOR C02 LORAWAN SENSOR1/TRAC10243 INDOOR C02 LORAWAN SENSOR12 is 4.35 years, and that of other models is 2.7 years

(condition: ambient temperature 25°C, report once every 15

minutes,TX power = 20 dBm , LoRa spreading factor SF = 10)

Standby Current ≤ 35uA

Wake-up Current

7.11mA (Typical value)

Wakeup current range 0.8mA-20 mA

(When not transmitting /receiving LoRa data)

Low Battery Threshold 3.2V


RF Receiving Current 11 mA @3.3V
RF Emission Current 120mA @3 .3 V

* Specific electrical characteristics will vary depending on the power supply voltage.

CO2 Sensor

Model Senseair LP8
Working Current Average current: 3mA (peak 125mA @ 25 ° C)
CO2 Range & Accuracy 0 to 2000 ppm±(50ppm ±3% of reading) 2001 to 10000ppm ± 10% of reading
Communication Mode UART
Operating Temperature 0 to 50°C (for CO2 sensor)
Operating Humidity 0% RH to 85% RH non condensing
Sensor Life Expectancy >15 years (no corrosion and condensation in storage and

working environment)


  1. Accuracy is met at 10 – 40°C, 0 – 60%RH, after minimum three (3) performed Automatic Baseline Corrections, preferably spanning eight (8) days in-between, or a successful zero calibration.

2: Based on reading filtered CO2 measurement data in stable environments and in continuous operation by control mode.

3: Accuracy specification is referred to calibration gas mixtures with additional uncertainty of ±1%.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor (optional)

Temperature Range 0°C to 50°C (based on working scope of CO2 sensor)
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C@25°C
Humidity Range 0%RH to 100%RH
Humidity Accuracy ±4%RH @25°C

Air Pressure Sensor (optional)

Model HP303B
Air Pressure Range 300hPa to 1100hPa
Air Pressure Accuracy ±1.5hPa (950 …1050 hPa, 0 …+40 °C)

Light Sensor (optional)

Model LTR-308ALS-0 (LITEON)
Illuminance Range 0.01 LUX to 157K LUX


Illuminance Accuracy

±10%, under stable and controlled light source conditions: white LED lamp, 6500K, room temperature

±20%, under the sun

Communication Mode I2C communication

Vibration Sensor (optional)

Model BL3150
Voltage <6V
Insulation Resistance >10M Ω
Trigger Rate 100% (amplitude > 1 mm, frequency > 20 Hz)
Trigger Frequency >50Hz


Frequency Range 863MHz-928MHz    470MHz-510MHz



TX Power

US915      20dbm;

AS923      16dbm;

AU915     20dbm; CN470      19.15dbm; EU868      16dbm;

KR920      14dbm;

IN865        20dbm;


Receiving Sensitivity

-136 dBm

(LoRa, Spreading Factor=12, Bit Rate = 293bps)

-121 dBm

(FSK, Frequency deviation=5kHz, Bit Rate=1.2kbps)

Antenna Type Built-in antenna
Communication Distance 10 km(Visible linear obstacle-free transmission distance, actual

transmission distance depending on the environment.)

Data Transfer Rate 0.3kbps ~ 50kbps (LoRa)

1.2kbps ~ 300kbps (FSK)

Modulation LoRa / FSK (Note: choose one of them)

Supportable LoRaWAN Frequency

EU863-870, US902-928, AU915-928, KR920-923, AS923-1,

AS923-2, AS923-3, IN865-867,CN470-510

(Note: The frequency band is optional and needs to be configured before shipment.)


Dimension 112mm x 93.7mm x 32mm
Main Body Weight About 146g (including batteries)
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50 °C
Environment Humidity Range <85 %RH (No condensation)
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70 °C