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Trac10242 Multi-Functional LoRaWAN Sensor

TRAC10242 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LORAWAN SENSOR is a multi-functional device for indoor detection of temperature, humidity, TVOC, illuminance, air pressure, PIR, and PM2.5.With an RS-485 interface and a 2.13-inch E-ink display, users are able to connect TRAC10242 MULTI FUNCTIONAL LORAWAN SENSOR with other devices and check the data by a single peek. It could transmit data to the server and connect to the programmable alarm system based on the LoRa
long-distance transmission technology. Looking for a device that has multiple functions, accurate measurement results, and a user-friendly E-ink display? TRAC10242 MULTI-FUNCTIONAL LORAWAN SENSOR can satisfy all your needs.

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Electrical Specifications

Rated Current Powered by DC 12V adapter

Operating Voltage

During operation: 55mA

Sleeping mode: 500uA (sensors resting with no RF)

Note: Electrical specifications may vary depending on the power supply voltage.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Temperature Measurement Range 0°C to 50°C
Temperature Measurement Accuracy TBD
Humidity Measurement Range 0%RH-100%RH
Humidity Measurement Accuracy TBD

 TVOC Sensor

TVOC Range 0 to 1000000 ppb
TVOC Accuracy TBD
Communication Protocol I2C

Illuminance Sensor

Illuminance Range 0.01 Lux to 157 Klux
Illuminance Accuracy TBD
Communication Protocol I2C

 Air Pressure Sensor

Measurement Range 300-1100hPa
Measurement Accuracy TBD

PIR sensor

Standby Current 9.5 UA
Detection Angle Horizontal: 80°; Vertical: 55°
Detection Distance 3m to 5m

 2.5 Sensor

Operating Current 100mA (typical value)

PM2.5 Measurement Range

0.3 to 1.0um;

1.0 to 2.5um


Particle Counting Efficiency



Particle Mass Concentration Effective

Range (PM2.5 standard value)


0 to 500μg/m3

Particle Mass Concentration




Particle Mass Concentration

Consistency (PM2.5 standard value)



Comprehensive Response Time ≤10 seconds
Lifetime and Product Consistency
The average time that PMS7003M PM2.5 particle concentration sensor with no faults is 3 years. If the concentration is greater than 300 ug/m3 for more than 50% of the year, or the concentration exceeds 500ug/m3 for more than 20% of the year, the consistency of the sensor will decrease. The data may be higher because of

internal dust accumulation.


Frequency Range 863MHz-928MHz 470MHz-510MHz
Tx Power
US915     20dbm AS923     16dbm AU915     20dbm CN470     19.15dbm EU868                16dbm KR920     14dbm

IN865       20dbm

Rx Sensitivity -123dBm (Frequency deviation=5kHz,Bit Rate=1.2kb/s)
Antenna Type Helical antenna
Communication Range
10km (line of sight)

Note: The actual communication distance may vary depending on the environment.

Data Transfer Rate 0.6 to 300kbps
Modulation Method FSK

Available LoRaWAN Frequency Plans

EU863-870,     US902-928,     AU915-928,     KR920-923, AS923-1, AS923-2, AS923-3, IN865-867, CN470-510

(Note: optional, to be done in the factory configuration)

Physical Properties

Main Body Operating Temperature 0℃ to 50℃
Environment Humidity Range <90%RH (No condensation)
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 85℃


  • Powered by DC 12V
  • SX1262 wireless communication
  • Compatible with LoRaWANTM Class A
  • Frequency hopping spread
  • Support third-party platforms: Actility/ThingPark, TTN, MyDevices/Cayenne.



  • Mansion
  • Office building
  • Hotel or apartment
  • School, mall, and supermarket
  • Smoking room, process plant, and museum