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Trac10214 People Counting Radar BLE Sensor

Trac10214 People Counting Radar BLE Sensor  is a Bluetooth millimeter wave radar sensor, It is used in application scenarios such as space management and personnel perception, It can detect the presence of human body, personnel flow statistics, and support functions such as counting the number of people and tracking the trajectory of people.It has the characteristics of sensitive sensing, excellent algorithm, and an accuracy rate of up to 99%. With a self-learning function, it can deeply learn the environment state, and identify and eliminate interference sources.At the same time, it also has a wealth of expandable functions, such as gesture recognition and posture judgment with a sense of technology

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Wireless Mode Bluetooth® LE (4G/WiFi will soon be available)
Material ABS+PC
Color White
Size Φ83*21mm (main body) Φ66*6.1mm (mounting base
Operating Temperature -10℃~+60℃
Operating Humidity 0~95%RH,no condensation
Power Supply DC12V
Power Supply Mode DC12 power cable connection or optional adapter
Radar Operating Frequency 60GHz
Radar Antenna Design 4T4R
Detection Range Ceiling installation, projected ground radius 3 meters
Power Consumption <2.5W
LED 1 RGB ligh
Acceleration Detection Support the development of ACC inclination detection function
Installation Mode Ceiling mounted, magnetic
OTA yes
APP Msensor[1]


Chip nRF52 serie
Broadcast Frames Radar data frame+INFO frame
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth® LE 5.0
Default Broadcast Paramete INFO frame(0dBm,1000ms) Radar data frame(0dBm,1000ms)
Broadcast Distance Up to 150 meters (open environment)
Security Support password connection, prevent malicious connection and modification