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Trac10209 Water Leak BLE Sensor

Trac10209 Water Leak BLE Sensor is a Bluetooth sensor monitoring whether there is water leakage in the environment. When the water is over the sensor probe poles, it will send a wireless alarm signal to the gateway. The alarm information can also be pushed from the platform to the user’s mobile phone through application development. Then users can avoid property loss caused by water leakage through timely detection. Trac10209 Water Leak BLE Sensor has the characteristics of simple deployment and easy maintenance. It is widely used in buildings, data centers, warehousing, archives, homes, and other places that need waterproofing

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Material ABS
Color white
Size(L*W*H) 70.6*38*17.8mm(main body) 1 meter (probe line length)
Net Weight 65g
Operating Temperature 5℃~+50℃
Operating Humidity 0~95%RH,no condensation
Battery 2*AAA alkaline battery
Battery Capacity1300 mAh
Battery Lifetime 5 years (Default configuration and general trigger frequency)
Alarm Type Low battery alarm / Buzzer beeps / Light flash
Button yes
LED 1 red light, 1 blue ligh
Buzzer yes
OTA yes
APP BeaconSET+ [1


Chip nRF52 series
Broadcast Frames Leakage frame+INFO frame
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth® LE 4.2
Default Broadcast Parameter INFO frame(0dBm,4000ms) Leakage frame(0dBm,1000ms)
Broadcast Distance Up to 150 meters (open environment)
Security Support password connection, prevent malicious connection and modification