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Trac10165 Helmet BLE Beacon

The Trac10165 Helmet BLE Beacon is compatible with Ble® 4.2 standard and it is designed to full-fill all requirements for personal tracking/falling down alarm/SOS alarm in most industrial and construction use cases, or extending to animal statistics and location tracking in harsh outdoor environments. Thanks to its ultra-low power consumption, the beacon guaranties un-surpassed battery lifetime up to 2 years on top of CR3032. Its high precision accelerometer sensor permits to detect most of asset movements and integrated NFC can be used for identity recogonition and NFC wake-up.

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Long Lifecycle 2 years lifecycle with 550m
IP67 Waterproof Industrail design with IP67 waterproof to gurantee the stability
Replaceable Battery Replaceable battery design to make sure longer lifecycle or other battery damage situation
Versatile Installation Flexible deployment with double-sided adhesive tape or cable tie
Independent SOS button Mechanical SOS button available to
trigger SOS alarm in emergency
Wide temperature range Rugged design with ABS+PC housing material to extend wider temperature range in -20℃~60℃



Identity recognition Equipped with NFC/RFID to realize easier and safer access control management
Fall detection 3-axis accelerometer sensor makes it possible to detect man-down scenarios in construtions
LED alert notification Provide alert notifications with red LED in low battery or other specific situations
NFC wake-up System wake-up automatically when device approach to NFC filed or readers.
Intelligent battery management Sense and switch intelligently between advertising mode and sleep mode through accelerometer sensor or light sensor, to reduce battery consumptions


Main Specifications
Dimensions 57.4mm x 41.4mm x 18.7mm
Built-in Sensor Accelerometer sensor NFC | RFID (Optional
Advertising Rang Up to 150m (Open area without obstacles)
Material ABS + PC & TPU
Frame type Eddystone – UID, URL, TLM Apple – iBeacon Customized – Accelerometer, Device info
Chipset Nordic nRF52 series
Battery CR3032 Lithium coin cell battery 550mAh | Replaceable
Installation Styles Installation Styles
Color Gray
Certification Product: FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH