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Trac10136 Occupancy LoRaWAN Sensor

Trax10136 Occupancy LoRaWAN Sensor is a LoRa PIR sensor based on passive infrared technology to detect a motion or occupancy. WS202 can detect whether there is movement within the range of 6-8 m and send the changes via LoRaWAN® network. Besides, Trac10136 quips with light sensor which can link PIR detection results to trigger scenes. With compact size and powered battery, Trac10136 is easy to install everywhere. Compliant with LoRaWAN® gateway and IoT Cloud solution, users can know the alarms or occupancy of rooms and trigger other sensors or appliances easily via webpage or mobile App remotely. Trac10136 can be widely used in smart homes, smart offices, schools, warehouses, etc.

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• Occupancy or motion detection based on passive infrared and Fresnel Len
• Easily to install or carry with the convenient size
• Built-in light sensor, combine PIR sensor to achieve triggers
• Ultra-wide-distance wireless transmission up to line of sight of 15 km
• Equipped with NFC for one touch configuration, support card emulation mode
• Support LoRa D2D protocol to enable ultra-low latency and directly control without gateway
• Function well with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and network servers
• Compliant with IoT Cloud



Physical Characteristics

Wireless Transmission
Technology LoRaWAN ®,LoRa D2D
Frequency CN470/IN865/RU864/EU868/US915/AU915/KR920/AS923
Tx Power 16 dBm (868 MHz)/22 dBm (915 MHz)/19 dBm (470 MHz)
Sensitivity -137dBm @300bps
Mode OTAA/ABP Class C
Detection Area 120 ° Horizontal, 100 ° Vertical
Detection Distance Maximum 8 m
Status Bright/Dark (Determine 1-60000 lux as Bright or Dark according to custom threshold)
Configuration NFC
Advanced Feature LoRa D2D Controller
Power Supply DC Jack Connector
Battery Life Around 4 years (30 min interval + 30 triggers per day)
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity 95% (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection IP30
Dimension 50 × 50 × 23.8 mm (1.97 × 1.97 × 0.94 in)
Material Anti-flaming Polycarbonate
Color White
installation On the flat surfaces with screws or 3M tapes
Regulatory CE, FCC, RoHS