Wirepas MESH – Tracking in Manufacturing

Wirepas is a wireless communication technology and a mesh networking protocol that can be used for people tracking in manufacturing. Here are some key considerations when using Wirepas for this purpose:

  • Mesh Networking: Wirepas employs a mesh network architecture where all Wirepas-enabled devices (tags and gateways) can communicate with each other, creating a self-organizing network. This is advantageous in manufacturing, where large, complex environments require robust coverage.
  • Scalability: Wirepas networks are highly scalable, making it suitable for manufacturing facilities of various sizes. Additional tracking devices can be easily added to the network as needed without significant infrastructure changes.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Wirepas enables real-time tracking of employees and visitors by utilizing location data from Wirepas tags. These tags can be attached to personnel or integrated into ID badges or equipment..
  • Low Power: Wirepas devices are designed to be power-efficient, offering extended battery life for tracking tags. This is essential for continuous monitoring in manufacturing environments.
  • Location Accuracy: Wirepas provides location data with high accuracy, making it valuable for tracking personnel within a manufacturing facility. This precision helps manufacturers optimize workflows and enhance safety..
  • Integration Capabilities Wirepas technology can be integrated with other systems, such as access control and safety systems, to enhance security and safety measures in manufacturing.

Wirepas is a versatile solution for people tracking in manufacturing, offering the benefits of real-time tracking, scalability, low power consumption, and location accuracy.